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MacDour whisky

Macdour Whisky is one of the rare Victorian whiskies that has survived to this day. The current flavor profile of Macdour whisky is based on the style of whiskey made in prosperous Victorian times (1837 – 1901 reign of Queen Victoria).

Originally, these whiskies were produced by the Glasgow whisky merchant John Hopkins & Co. In the late 1800s, Macdour probably also produced Tobermory and Speyburn malts and perhaps even Oban. All these licenses have at one time, or another been transferred to the current owner of Macdour Whiskey.

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Macdour Whisky originated on Highland an Speyside today makes a style of whiskey that captures the essence and spirit of the island. With pride and passion for Victorian style whiskey making, you can taste a touch of this soul in our unique single malts.