Macdour Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ritch and smooth, crafted  since 1879 with expertise. Macdour  is one of the rare Victorian distilleries that’s survived until this day. The taste and experience of this authentic whisky is now the inspiration of Macdour’s completely new series of single malts. “Higland Single Malt” is a more smooth single malt with deeper notes of ritch fruite tones and supprising finish. 



– 70CL 40% ABV
– Case of 6 bottles
– initial order 2100 cases (can be Highland and Speyside in the mix)
– Order to make 8-10 weeks
– Following order 6 -8 weeks
– Own market back label is possible after reaching volume for exclusivity
– Pricing Ex-works Glasgow Scotland

tasting notes

With a rich nose of moist fruitcake, marmalade and Marzipan. And an inforgettable finish of roasted coffee and bitter chocolate. This Highland masterpeace is created in a single distillery using malted barley and matured in oak casks.