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Henele Delhery

At the gates of Hautvillers, Champagne Hélène Delhéry is located at the intersection with the Cross of St. Hélène, between the right bank of the river Marne. Hautvillers is the most famous village in the Champagne vineyards, the «Birthplace of Champagne» originates from Dom Pérignon, a pioneer of manufacturing blends of soils and grape varieties, he gave birth to the effervescence in Champagne.

finesse, purity, delicacy

The Helene Delhery Champagne is made by Gabrielle Bouby. She is one of the few female Cellar Masters in the Champagne industry region. Due to her expertise, the following qualities are attributed to the chamagnes; finesse, purity, delicacy, sensuality and the preciousness of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier. The champagnes are real gems. Shaped by both humans and the use of modern means of production, enhanced by the long aging in chalk cellars.