Super 8 Export

SUPER 8 Export is a light blond, soft tasting, smooth drinker with a firm foam head. Belgium Quality Beer.

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  • Case of 24  Bottles 33cl 4,8% ABV
  • Key keg 30 liter 4,8% ABV
  • 10,85 plato


  • MOQ | Full 
    pallet loads
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • 24 key keg 30L. per pallet
  • ETD 1-2 weeks 
  • Pricing Ex-works Belgium


Haacht Brewery has been a real Belgian family brewery for 120 years. 100% Belgian, family and independent!

In 1990 Haacht Brewery starts with the complete renewal of the production equipment. Some twenty-five years later, it was completed with the construction of a new syrup factory.

Today, Haacht Brewery is an ultra-modern brewery, inspired by the past but more than ever ready for the future.