Molly Malone Irish Whiskey

To create a light and sweet, premium Irish whiskey, we selected the finest Irish malts from the highest grade American oak (Quercus Alba). To ensure the wood remains neutral to the light character of the malt, we choose second fill bourbon casks (bourbon absorbing the coconut and vanilla tannins of the new wood). These casks are then married to the Irish grain. Deliciously sweet, Molly Malone rolls easily off the tongue and implores for more.


– 70CL 40% ABV
– Case of 6 bottles
– 110 cases on pallet
– 20 FCL (10 pallets)
– Lead Time: 7 to 8 weeks in general
– Pricing Ex-works Glasgow Scotland

Order to make 4-6 weeks

The Molly Malone Whiskey Company

The Molly Malone whiskey company was founded by Richard Lombard-Chibnall, global marketing director for the family company Lombard. Richard explains: “Originally whisky merchants, my family have a 300 year history in the wine and spirit business, including 60 years in the Whisky industry. As one of the original independents, Lombard was beholden to no single distiller. Entering the market as a supplier of bulk whisky to blenders, the family invested in whiskies of the highest standard. Select distilleries were commissioned to produce ‘new fill’ and from date of distillation Lombard took full control over the maturation of its stocks. The company holds, matures and bottles from its own whiskies.