McGibbon’s Red Ribbon

A deliciously aged Blended Scotch, packed full of toffee, ginger, almonds and tropical fruits.


– 20% Blended Malt
– 80% Grain Whisky


– 70CL 40% ABV
– Case of 12 bottles, 80 cases per pallet
– MOQ 5 pallets
– Combination of full pallets from the Ribbon range
– 20 FCL = 1309 cases of 12 (handball)
– 40 FCL = 22 pallets of 80 cases (1760 cases)
 Lead Time: 5 to 6 weeks in general
– Pricing Ex-works Glasgow Scotland


Nose: Vanilla, ginger and nutmeg followed by fresh lemon zest.

Palate: Layer upon layer of creamy toffee with tropical fruits and a touch of coconut.

Finish: Delicate spices, mellow almonds and dark chocolate fused with sweet vanilla.

McGibbon’s Ribbon Range

Our premium Blended Scotch Whiskies carry a striking black label, and are bottled at 40% alcohol strength. The McGibbon’s Red Ribbon is deliciously aged, imparting rich spices, toffee and dark chocolate, whilst the McGibbon’s Gold Ribbon has been matured for 8 long years, resulting in a fruity character, alongside cedar wood and vanilla. The Platinum Ribbon bottling, aged 12 years, shows bold notes of macadamia nuts, salted caramel and fresh ginger.