Hooghoudt Raw Genever

Hooghoudt RAW Genever is a 100% malt spirit genever with a distinctive herbal and citric character. A robust grainy taste combined with juniper berry and invigorating herbs and spices. To distill a superlative RAW Genever like this requires an exceptional level of craftsmanship. Unlike with gin, where all the flavor is concentrated in the herbs, with RAW genever the taste is a complex mix of malt spirit’s grainy essence with herbs and spices.

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  • RAW Genever 70CL 43% ABV


  • 100 cases of 6 per palet
  • MOQ Full pallet load
  • Ex-works The Netherlands

Distribution partner established for

  • Europe
  • China
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

For our RAW genever, we blended 3 individually distilled single grain malt spirits (malt, wheat and rye) with the classic malt spirit mix (wheat, corn and rye). Our goal was to create an elegant and refreshing 100% malt spirit genever that retains all its unique characteristics when sipped pure, mixed with tonic or in cocktails. We accentuated each grain sort’s unique flavor characteristics, which you can taste in all their glory. Aroma: subtle grainy tones and the scent of juniper berry, outspoken citrus with sweet herbal tones, a hint of anise and the distinctive scent of rye. In short: an invigorating aroma with robust herbal accents, intriguing and uncompromised.

Flavor is full-bodied and grainy with crisp citrus and cilantro accents, spiced candy, ripe and velvety, mild but with character. In short: A fanatically flavorful genever with a hint of sweetness, mineral grains, citrus tones and a slight spiced aftertaste.

In 2019 Hooghoudt RAW Genever won a double gold medal during the Chinese Wine & Spirits Awards.