Hooghoudt Aged Genever

Our most complex genever traces its flavor origins to an oak barrel in Spain which, for more than 20 years, contained oloroso sherry. Crafted by a renowned Spanish toneleria out of European oak (Quercus Robur), the barrel’s staves were left to dry slowly in the open-air to create the ideal conditions for blending oak, tannin and spirit.

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  • RAW Genever 70CL 43% ABV


  • 100 cases of 6 per palet
  • MOQ Full pallet load
  • Ex-works The Netherlands

Distribution partner established for

  • Europe
  • China
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

Our oloroso barrels produce an exquisite jenever. When fortified by 5 years of slow aging, it results in a beautiful Aged Genever 5 years. At the heart of this genever is a balanced mix of wheat, corn and rye – which, when traditionally copperdistilled into a malt spirit, brings the grainy flavors to life – the natural sweetness of corn, the refreshing taste of wheat and the spicy accents of rye. By aging our malt spirit in old sherry olorosocasks, it takes out all the inchness of the sherry and the flavours from the wood, resulting in a 100% natural and complex genever that deserves a place on the highest possible podium.Aroma: oak barrels saturated with slightly sweet oloroso offers accents of current and raison with the hint of vanilla, the tang of juniper berries, refreshing anise and the robust sweetness of toffee.

Flavor: full-bodied and grainy with crisp citrus and cilantro accents, spiced candy, ripe and velvety, mild but with character. In short: A fanatically flavorful genever with a hint of sweetness, a mineral tone and perfect balance between the grainy malt spirit and the flavours from the sherry oloroso cask. A very elegant genever with a firm body.