Chevalier de Saint-Augustin Bordeaux Luccas Saint-Emilion

80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Generous bouquet in which spicy aromas are combined with ripe fruit (blackcurrant and plum). Opulent attack, the mid palate underpinned by velvety tannins and fleshy extract that evolves right to finish, with blackcurrant and blackberry dominating the aromatic back of palate.

Best tasted with roasted steak with blackcurrant jelly or braised pork shoulder.

6-8 weeks production time, faster in consultation


2018 & 2019


– 75CL ,14,5% ABV
– Case of 6 bottles
– Original Wooden Case or Carton case
– Initial order 6700 bottles
– Pallet 8 layers of 10 Wooden Cases
– Order to make 6-8 weeks
– Following order 4-6 weeks
– Pricing Ex-works Bordeaux


Encourage biodiversity and the beauty of wine-growing landscapes. Respect for terroir and vintage, taking into account the environmental and landscape dimensions: at our wineries we strive to respond to all these concerns as we make wine. Some of the estates have committed to the Environmental Management System implemented by the Conseil

Best tasted with a poultry stuffed with morels, or a roasted quail with shallots.