Boompjes Korenwijn

Boompjes Korenwijn is our 4 year old barrel aged Korenwijn. We produce this genever with 60% maltwine, the key ingredient to any genever. In our case, it’s made with rye, malt and corn for extra flavor! The law stipulates that Korenwijn has a minimum of 51% maltwine. Ours is at 60% and provides a hefty dose of malt-action to work in cocktails, mixed drinks or just straight up.

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  • Boompjes Korenwijn, 42% alc. vol 70cl
  • Case of 12


  • MOQ 3 pallets (~3.000 bottles)

Onder De Boompjes Distillery

We produce this maltwine with craftsmanship in our distillery and it’s 3 times distilled up to 70% alcohol and then aged for 4 years in used American Bourbon barrels. Next to the maltwine, we have distilled an “esprit” of 6 botanicals; obviously juniper but also vanilla, lavender, licorice, coriander seeds and angelica root.

Enjoy this drink any way you want, and as we do in Holland; it pairs greatly with raw herring fish.