Primus Haacht

Primus Pils is named after John Primus I, Duke of Brabant. He was one of the most powerful lords of the Middle Ages. He was a true beer lover and this passion was expressed in the granting of certain privileges to brewers.

With every sip, it releases its distinctive flavor on you. He lives from his own vision and remains true to himself. 

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  • Case of 24  Bottles 33cl 5,2% ABV
  • Key keg 30 liter 5,2% ABV
  • 11,85 plato


  • MOQ | Full 
    pallet loads
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • 24 key keg 30L. per pallet
  • ETD 1-2 weeks 
  • Pricing Ex-works Belgium

A tad headstrong

Everyone is unique. That’s why you deserve a unique pilsner. A pilsner that doesn’t simply follow the taste of the day. One that
isn’t made sweeter or bitterer if that happens to be the popular taste. And one that never compromises on quality. A pilsner that
has been brewed for generations by a Belgian family brewery. Using the purest ingredients and the best method. A tiny bit unconventional, but always exceptionally refreshing.

The premium pils

A whole-hearted premium pils with a refined flavour and well-balanced taste. Starts slightly sweet with retained
bitterness, developing into a dry and thirst-quenching


Haacht Brewery has been a real Belgian family brewery for 120 years. 100% Belgian, family and independent!

In 1990 Haacht Brewery starts with the complete renewal of the production equipment. Some twenty-five years later, it was completed with the construction of a new syrup factory.

Today, Haacht Brewery is an ultra-modern brewery, inspired by the past but more than ever ready for the future.