Vuurzee – De Goede & De Stoute

By using champagne yeast from the famous French region of Reims, Vuurzee gets its extremely pleasant so mousse and its slight mineral and lactic finish. The hand-picked Hungarian grapes ensure that Vuurzee has a slight fruity character, so that the typical bitterness of beer is nicely balanced.

De Goede & De Stoute stands for the best of two worlds that have been brought together to create a true gastronomic experience.

On stock


  • Case of 6 bottles 75CL 
  • MOQ 3 pallets (110 cases per pallet)
  • Ex-works The Netherlands
  • On stock
  • OTM 6-8 weeks

Distribution provided for:

  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore


2020 Vuurzee won Double Gold at the Asia Beer Challange for The Biggest & most prestigious beer. 

Vuurzee has been voted the country winner for best taste in the ‘Specialty Beer: Brut Beer’ category by the World Beer Awards 2019.

At the International Beer Challenge 2019, Vuurzee won gold for the best design & packaging of the bottle in the “Newcomers: Individual Product” category.

Both beer competitions are among the largest professional beer competitions in the world.