Tongerlo BROWN

Tongerlo Brown is a dark, genuine Belgian abbey beer. This subtle double has refined notes of vanilla, along with the delicate bitterness of dark chocolate that is given pride of place. Lovers of brown beer will recognize the perfect flavouring at once. And if this is your first time tasting a brown beer, Tongerlo Brown is a revelation.

NOX, the Latin name for night, refers to the warm, dark color of the beer.

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  • Case of 24  Bottles 33cl 6,5% ABV
  • Key keg 30 liter 6,5% ABV
  • 15 plato


  • MOQ | Full 
    pallet loads
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • 24 key keg 30L. per pallet
  • ETD 1-2 weeks 
  • Pricing Ex-works Belgium

A Revelation

The abbey’s coat of arms together with the Latin saying ‘veritas vincit’ or ‘the truth triumphs’ adorns the packaging. Nox, Latin for night, in turn refers to the warm and dark colour of the beer.


Haacht Brewery has been a real Belgian family brewery for 120 years. 100% Belgian, family and independent!

In 1990 Haacht Brewery starts with the complete renewal of the production equipment. Some twenty-five years later, it was completed with the construction of a new syrup factory.

Today, Haacht Brewery is an ultra-modern brewery, inspired by the past but more than ever ready for the future.