Super 8 IPA

Amber for connoisseurs! SUPER 8 IPA is an ambercoloured beer, with a 6% alcohol content. Connoisseurs will particularly appreciate its well-rounded, bitter, hoppy notes and the
mild bitterness of its finish…

IPA is short for the beer category India Pale Ale, the amber colored beers with more hops.

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  • Case of 24  Bottles 33cl 6% ABV
  • Key keg 30 liter 6% ABV
  • 13,8 plato


  • MOQ | Full 
    pallet loads
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • 24 key keg 30L. per pallet
  • ETD 1-2 weeks 
  • Pricing Ex-works Belgium

Hop! A new IPA!

IPA is the abbreviation for the India Pale Ale beer category: amber-coloured beers with more hops, a higher alcohol content and a bitter flavour. Think you already know what our IPA is going to taste like? Then think again! Because the SUPER 8 IPA is a new, refreshing interpretation of this style of beer.

Hop! In balance

Most IPAs combine a large quantity of hops with a high alcohol content. With its 6% alcohol volume and wonderful citrus and grapefruit notes, the SUPER 8 IPA is even more refined and balanced. This means that you get all the characteristics of the style, without these being taken too far.

An exotic touch India Pale

Ale is a term from the 18th century, when England was transporting beer to India on sailing ships. The journey took five months, so the British added extra hops to the beer in order to preserve it for longer. This is how India Ale and subsequently India Pale Ale came about.


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