Super 8 Blanche

Spiced up White SUPER 8 Blanche is a naturally cloudy white beer of 5,1 vol alc, with a creamy
head and a fresh aftertaste. We’ve been particularly generous with our herbs:

A sturdy handful of freshly ground coriander and orange zeste turns our Blanche into a curious interpretation of a familiar beer style.

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  • Case of 24  Bottles 33cl 5,1% ABV
  • Key keg 30 liter 5,1% ABV
  • 12,8 plato


  • MOQ | Full 
    pallet loads
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • 24 key keg 30L. per pallet
  • ETD 1-2 weeks 
  • Pricing Ex-works Belgium


SUPER 8 Blanche is a white beer brewed with barley and wheat malt. You’ll recognise it straight away: it’s light yellow, its delicious, refreshing taste, which makes our Blanche the perfect summery thirst-quencher.


Our white beer has a creamy head and a refreshing aftertaste. But in between it surprises you with a liberal portion of freshly those who like their Blanche a little more piquant.


The term white beer probably comes from the Old Dutch word ‘weit’, meaning wheat. In the Middle Ages, the brewing of white beer was far more widespread. The same allusion to colour is made in German (Weißbier) and French (bière blanche), but our eastern neighbours also call it‘Weizenbier’,
and ‘Weizen’ means wheat.


Haacht Brewery has been a real Belgian family brewery for 120 years. 100% Belgian, family and independent!

In 1990 Haacht Brewery starts with the complete renewal of the production equipment. Some twenty-five years later, it was completed with the construction of a new syrup factory.

Today, Haacht Brewery is an ultra-modern brewery, inspired by the past but more than ever ready for the future.