Storm Blended Scotsch Whisky

STORM Malt Whisky. An influence of the salt air and sea… Malt whiskies on coastal located distilleries. Blended together to develop the intense flavour of Storm.

ready to Deliver

100% Blended Scotch Malt


  • 70CL 43% ABV
  • Case of 6 bottles
  • MOQ 1 pallet 96 cases
  • 20FCL = 960 cases on pallet
  • Ready to deliver
  • Lead Time OTM is 6 weeks in general
  • Pricing Ex-works Glasgow Scotland


A clarion call of decimated coconut;


superb delivery: the structure is a joy with a lush mouth-feel but the complexity no means stilted. The odd salty note appears to maximise the oaky depth and that light oiliness ensures the barley sweetness lasts; superb light spicing begins to intensify towards the middle;


fabulous finale with that spice hanging on in there and acting as the perfect foil for the deft honeycomb and sugars; so clean you feel your teeth are being polished while drinking this; 

Overall balance and complexity: a little gem that really will take you by storm.

ref. Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013 – 2016