Sonnema Beerenburg 1860

Sonnema Berenburg is a striking bottle that has the same appearance for every size! This delicious bitter from Dokkum has a wonderfully soft taste and has no additives of artificial colors and flavors.

Drink Sonnema well cold or make a delicious mixed drink!


75CL – 100CL – 150CL


MOQ Full loaded Pallet


Sonnema Berenburg is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year. 160 years of rich history, 160 years of uniqueness. We are celebrating this with the introduction of Sonnema 1860!

1860 is a rich and full Berenburger with a beautifull composition of serveral herbs, spives & fruit among which pomerans, gentianroot and basil.

This “160 jier edysje’ (160 year edition)  is 100% natural and made with proudness & passion by our master distiller!


The scent starts fruity with a fresh spicy background . At a higher temperature, the fruity aroma gets stronger. The scent experience consists mainly of orange, bay leaf, galanga root and rosemary. The last sip is a woody and sweet scent remains noticeable in the glass.

Taste is spicy with a little bitterness. In the end, it is noticeable that the product gives a slightly tingling feeling on the tongue.

How to drink? You enjoy Sonnema 1860. You can taste Sonnema’s 160 years of craftsmanship ! Our advice is to drink it at room temperature in a nice tumbler glass. But would you rather add some ice cubes ? Then this is of course possible as well!