Schwarzwald Krauterbitter

Schwarzwald Krauterbitter is made from thirty herbs. This drink was traditionally drunk after a successful hunt. It has a slightly bitter undertone and provides an intensely invigorating taste. Nowadays this herbal drink is also sought after as a real party drink.

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Schwarzwald Krauterbitter

  • Case of 12/7oCL 35% ABV
  • Blok pallet 75 cases/12


  • MOQ 5.400 bttl.  (6 pallets)
  • OTM 4-6 weeks
  • On Stock 10 working days
  • Full payment at placing order
  • Ex Works The Neteherlands


Made from thirty vitalizing invigorating herbs.

The refined esprit is made from more than 30 botanicals, including ginseng, liquorice, anise, ginger and the peel of orange.

A wonderfully sweet scent of fresh herbs. The taste contains notes of liquorice, cinnamon and anise, a peppery kernel of ginger and fruity notes of orange and citrus.

Enjoy a long sultry drippy aftertaste pure or on the rocks. This herbal drink can also be combined in the mix with, for example, orange juice or cola.