Old Mull Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The taste and experience of this authentic old Victorian whisky is now the inspiration of Old
Mull’s a completely new series of single malts. “Speyside Single Malt” is sweeter in taste with
influences from raisins to fruity ripe pears In 2011 a pristine bottle from 1917 – still in remarkably
good shape – was opened at a Diageo function, and revealed a ‘slightly dry’ whisky with‘pear drops… some cocoa and citrus zest.’

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– 70CL 40% ABV
– Case of 6 bottles
– initial order 2500 cases (1250 Highland, 1250 Speyside)
– Order to make 8-10 weeks
– Following order 6 -8 weeks
– Own market back label is possible after reaching volume for exclusivity
– Pricing Ex-works Glasgow Scotland

Distribution partner established for

  • Europe
  • USA
  • China
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

Old Mull by Donald Fraser

Old Mull is one of the rare Victorian whiskies that’s survived until this day. Originally produced by Glasgow whisky merchant John Hopkins & Co in the late 19th century,

Old Mull likely featured Tobermory and Speyburn malts, perhaps even Oban – all distilleries licensed to the company at one time or another.

The island Mull

It is said that the Wester Islands of Scotland provide the soul of fine Scotch Whisky. Old Mull – like the island itself – captures the spirits of Scotland with its unique blend of fine malt and grain whiskies and the refined style of fine single malt whiskies. Truly a Scotch whisky of which the Western Islanders can be proud.