Kane’s Caribbean Rum

Kane’s Golden Rum is a smooth blend of fine column and pot still rums from the Caribbean.

A mix of 3 year old rum from Barbedos, 2 year old from the Dominican Republic and fresh rum from Trinidad.

In the glass medium golden brown in color. The nose is young with interesting balance. Notes of oak and a hint of spice, sweet notes of vanilla from authentic Dominican Rum.

Order to make 6-8 weeks


– 70CL 37,5% ABV
– Case of 12 bottles, 80 cases per pallet
– MOQ 20FCL Order to make
– 20 FCL = 10 pallets
Lead Time 6-8 weeks
– Pricing Ex-works Schotland Glasgow

Kane’s Classic Mix

  • Kane’s Golden Rum
  • Tall glass – clean, dry & cold
  • Chilled Cola
  • A fresh lime, cut into thick segments
  • Ice


Fill the glass with ice and squeeze a wedge of lime over the top, add 25ml of Kane’s Golden Rum and then top up with chilled cola. Stir with a straw, add a wedge of lime and enjoy. Classic Caribbean refreshment.