Heffron 10YO Panama Premium Rum

Heffron Panama 10 Year Old Rum is the oldest rum in the Heffron brand range, launched by Green Tree Distillery. The premium rum is distilled and matured from fine molasses in Panama. It spends its aging period over a period of 10 years in casks that were previously filled with bourbon, sherry and cognac. The result is an exquisite rum with a harmonious mix of aromas with notes of fruit, spices, caramel, vanilla and wood with a pleasant sweetness. The Heffron 10 Years 

etd IS 1-3 weeks


– 70CL 40% ABV
– Case of 8 bottles, 60 cases per pallet
– MOQ 4 Pallets in the mix 
Lead Time 1-3 weeks
– Pricing Ex-works CZ


Distilled and matured in Panama. A Las Cabras de Pesé by master blender Francisco Fernández, Don Pancho with 50Y of experience in rum making.

Its a “no Solera” what  means that each drop of our rum is true to the age statement on the label.

Stands out for its exceptional price quality ratio

With 749,000l sales in 12 months, Heffron is the Best Selling Rum according to AC Nielsen, Feb 2021.