Hanácká Vodka Original

In Hanacka Vodka you can taste the experience of years distilling. Constantly in search of the right ratio of ingredients, in search of a well balanced spicy drink. Hanacka Vodka has a smooth mouthfeel with a hint of Chili. Drink is as a shot or in cocktails

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– 70CL 37,5% ABV
– Case of 10 bottles, 52 cases per pallet
– MOQ 4 pallets (in the mix)
– 20 FCL = 10 pallets
– 40 FCL = 21 pallets of 80 cases
Lead Time 2-4 weeks
– Pricing Ex-works CH


The basis for the production of Haná vodka are clear water from deep wells in Haná and fine alcohol and six-fold filtration through activated carbon, which gives the vodka a delicious fineness. The production of the oldest Slavic vodka has been in the same town in Prostějov for centuries, where a distillery was already standing in 1518. The first known distillery was Mates from Prostějov, the ancestor of Prostějov distillers.