Grands Domaines Cognac VS

Cognac Grands Domaines VS is a Single Estate Cognac. It’s very floral with almonds and fresh pear notes. The taste is elegant and fine.

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– 70CL 40% ABV GBX
– Case of 6 bottles in Gift Box
– MOQ 20 FCL per SKU
– trial order is a combination of VS – VSOP – XO  
– Lead Time: 3 to 5 weeks in general
– Pricing Ex-works Cognac France


Grands Domaines is the latest blend created by our Cellar Master. For this range of Cognac, the main objective given to the Cellar Master was to combine the delicacy of a winegrower’s Cognac with the fruity expression of the vineyard and the wine.

The tasting reveals all the attributes that make up the philosophy of a Single Estate Cognac; freshness, delicacy and finesse of the aromas. With this contemporary and easily recognisable range, we wished to share with as many people as possible the traditions and the savoir-faire of the Cognac world. Estates