De Borgen Old-Style Genever

The Borgen Old-Style Genever is a handmade distillate from juniper berries. A gin based on a typical Dutch recipe that has been allowed to mature in wooden barrels for 17 years and which has been distilled three times. A tasty drink with influences of herbs, fruit and fruit peels.

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  • Old Style Genever 70CL 40% ABV


  • 80 cases of 6 per palet
  • MOQ Full pallet load
  • Ex-works The Netherlands

De Borgen Distilery

The history of Dutch distilled spirits is one of the rich in stories – stories we share through our products and flavours. From the original distillation methods and historic recipes to traditionally used bottles and ancient icons, we’re going back to the source to guarantee the authenticity of each and every one of our products. Our high-quality spirits are made with 100% natural ingredients and are produced in our Dutch distillery.