Chevalier de Saint-Augustin Bordeaux Medoc

Merlot and up to 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense purple color. A nose dominated by black fruit flavors such as black currant, highlighted by fine vanilla aromas. The mouth is full, structured, with velvety tannins.

Perfect with a leg of lamb, tenderloin, braised veal, roasted quail or even roast.

6-8 weeks production time, faster in consultation




– 75CL ,14,5% ABV
– Case of 6 bottles
– Original Wooden Case or Carton Case
– Initial order 6700 bottles
– Pallet 8 layers of 10 cases
– Order to make 6-8 weeks
– Following order 4-6 weeks
– Pricing Ex-works Bordeaux

Respect soil, plant matter and the environment.

Encourage biodiversity and the beauty of wine-growing landscapes. Respect for terroir and vintage, taking into account the environmental and landscape dimensions: at our wineries we strive to respond to all these concerns as we make wine. Some of the estates have committed to the Environmental Management System implemented by the Conseil