Amsterdam Premium Lager Beer – Bottle 250cl & 330cl

This delicious Premium Lager Beer exceeds the default flavor of lager in both taste and quality. Crisp and slightly Fruity, well-blanced and a sweet undertone.

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Water, Barley, Maltose, Corn, Hop

Conditions EU Back label
– Bottle 250cl, 330cl 5% ABV
– 40FCL 250cl = 22 Pal / 2288 Boxes
– 40FCL 330cl = 22 Pal / 1848 Boxes
– EXW Lieshout Holland

Conditiond Dedicated Back Label
– 25 x 40FCL/year/SKU
– MOQ 3 x 40FCL

No distribution possible for
– China
– Europe

Amsterdam, the city that hosts artistic heritage, elaborated canal system, and carries on with its 17th century Golden Age legacies. Brewed with the traditional recipe, Amsterdam beers is dedicated to this ever innovative, always open-minded city. 

Drink to the city that never sleeps.