Alfa Edel Pils


Alfa Edel Pils exceeds the default flavor of lager in both taste and quality. By using our own Meens yeast during the yeast process, we give it its full-bodied, fresh and fruity, distinctive flavor. Every type of yeast has its own unique characteristics that strongly influence the taste. Our brewing masters closely monitor the balanced equilibrium between high-quality hops and malt every day to guarantee the freshness of our Noble Lager. Not to mention our own spring water, which is pumped up directly at the source from a depth of 150 meters – certified and 100% pure. And that is what makes it the most noble lager in the Netherlands. It is refined and deliciously thirst-quenching. A premium pilsener!

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  • Case of 12 Bottles 30cl 5% ABV


  • MOQ Full
    pallet loads
  • 168 cases per pallet
  • ETD 5-10 working days
  • Pricing Ex-works The Netherlands

Alfa beer

Since 1870, Alfa beers have been traditionally brewed with passion in Schinnen, South Limburg, using only carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality. Ever since day one, the water from our private wells has provided the decisively pure and full-bodied flavor of our Alfa beers. The more than 6000-years-old water is filtered by nature itself and is, therefore, so pure that it enters the brewing kettle directly from the source. Just like mother nature intended!