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Royalty, the regular Dutch Vodka & flavoured Vodka drink range with a rebellious character, in the distinctive Royal bottle. Built on 130 years of distilling experience and contemporary knowledge of modern technologies. Smooth, pure and full of taste, made with skill and expertise.

Royalty is produced by Hooghoudt Distillers BV, one of the main independent Dutch distilleries with 130 years of distilling experience. As recognition for its dedication of making beautiful spirits, Hooghoudt Distillers has been granted the high privilege of being issued with the warrant ‘By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’


Royalty was created in 1993 to give consumers a ‘royal experience’ of premium quality vodka & flavoured vodka drinks. Years of experience and craftsmanship have created the unique tastes of Royalty: Pure, smooth and full of flavour, meeting royal standards, yet accessible, relativized, disarming. With a differentiating bottle shape, Royalty has real integrity and distinction.


The base for Royalty comes from 100% grain. 100% Northern France winter wheat to be exact, known to contain the purest form of starch, delivering a very pure and smooth alcohol.

The wheat grain alcohol used for Royalty is continuously distilled by means of a unique four-column rectification process, ensuring fusel oils and other impurities to be removed way more effectively. At the same time, a special vacuum technique is used to distil the alcohol at lower temperatures to prevent possible burning of sugars in the fermented mash. As a result, the alcohol used for the production of Royalty is extremely clean, a difference you can smell and taste.