ODB Beverages

We are an independent, full-service beverage company serving the alcoholic beverage industry. As part of the ODB Beverage Group we offer commercial production solutions including: private label, contract bottling, spirits and liqueurs development, bulk production, concentrates and flavours, and packaging design to business partners.

“Where craftmanship meets innovation”


Our history started in 1658, when Roucher & Co was founded in the city of Leiden. The ODB Group evolved from wine merchants and a master-distiller who made genever. The Distillery was renamed in 1710, and continues to operate today under the name Onder de Boompjes Distillery.

At Onder de Boompjes distillery, we produce spirits such as genever, gin and whisky in a traditional style, in the same way it was done centuries ago. In Since May 2019, we took over a bottling and packaging facility and named it ODB Beverages. The takeover marked an expansion of our business, and we are now able to help new and existing customers from all over the world with the bottling, development or redevelopment of their products. Our company is located in Zwaag, the Netherlands. The distillery is located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, a city known for its rich distilling history.