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Alfa brewery

For four generations, the Dutch Meens family brews Alfa beers in the traditional way. Since 1870, the independent brewery, located in the green hills of South Limburg, has always remained true to its traditions and recipes.

Alfa beers from the Netherlands are brewed with passion, using only carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality.


Ever since day one, the water from private wells has provided the decisively pure and full-bodied flavor of  Alfa beers. The more than 6000-years-old water is filtered by nature itself and is, therefore, so pure that it enters the brewing kettle directly from the source. Just like mother nature intended!


The founding of our brewery in 1870 can be seen as a form of corporate social responsibility. We really were far ahead of our time already. With a farm at our origin, we were able to provide day laborers with work in the brewery even in winter, thus guaranteeing them a meal ticket. But that’s as far as staff is concerned. We have also taken new initiatives over the years in relation to the environment, whether it’s raw materials such as water or hops, or CO2 reduction or energy measures, we’ve actually been working sustainably for almost 150 years